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Shipping is $4.99 in the U.S., with the exception of our merch collection, which is calculated at checkout.


Wacky for Wicks

Wacky for Wicks

These little wicks are such a key piece to making the perfect candle burn. Here are two things we considered when choosing our wicks. 


Type of Wick Used

When I started making our candles, I bought three different types of wicks.

I first bought a set of hemp wicks. I thought, well, these will be in line with my high-quality, non-toxic, clean-burning, and vegan candles. Then I did some research, after my purchase, a novice move for sure 😊. Through my research, I saw that it was coated with beeswax. So I didn’t use that! I then went ahead and bought wooden wicks. I did some more research and testing about the wax I was using and found that wooden wicks were not the best option. It would cause a large flame and burn too quickly.

Back to the drawing board, I went. I didn’t want to change the quality or percentage of my coconut wax blend, so I had to find the perfect wick to complement it. I did some more research and found a natural fiber flat-braided candle wick. This wick gave the candles a better melt pool, even burn flame, and a fantastic scent throw.


Wick Size Matters

Choosing the right wick size is instrumental for the best candle experience. We all want to achieve the perfect burn, and that won’t happen if the wick isn’t the right size for the jar (diameter of the candle), coconut wax blend, fragrance oil percentage, and if dyes are used (we currently don’t use dyes).

If the wick is too small, it will not burn to the edge of your jar and instead create a tunnel. This results in the flame extinguishing before all your wax is burned. You get less for your money!

On the flip side, if the candle is overwicked, you will notice that the flame flickers continually. You will see more mushrooming on the top of your wick. There will be a carbon build-up and more soot. Another telltale sign the wick is too big is by looking at the dept of the melt pool. If the melt pool is too deep, it will also burn faster than a correctly wicked candle. It’s definitely not a one size fits all here.  

Because I noticed there’s still a little bit of mushrooming in our candles, I am going to try testing with a new smaller wick to see if it will improve the burn of our candles. Stay tuned!


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