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Shipping is $4.99 in the U.S., with the exception of our merch collection, which is calculated at checkout.


Fall in Love With Coconut Wax

Fall in Love With Coconut Wax

I am from Trinidad and Tobago! Coconut gives us life! 😊 We use coconut for EVERYTHING; food, beverages, skincare products, and more. There was no question that I wanted to incorporate the coconut scent in my candles, but what about the wax used to make our candles?

Here are a few reasons why we chose to use coconut wax in our candles based on its incredible benefits.


Clean-Burning and Non-Toxic

I have always loved candles, but I would often see black soot exuding from candles, and it lined the jars. When I launched, I knew I wanted the candles to be clean-burning and non-toxic. The coconut wax blend that I use has 90% coconut wax. The other percentage is a mixture of soy wax to improve its burn quality and cold and hot scent throw. It’s made with no parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, hence no toxic carcinogens.


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Mother Earth is thanking us too! Coconut wax is the most eco-friendly and sustainable candle wax, derived from coconut oil. The environmental impact is low. They are grown in small farms and are harvested by farmers, so no heavy machinery required. Just a good ole’ shake and climb would do. My cousins could easily climb a coconut tree, but please don’t ask me about my climbing skills. Coconut wax is also cruelty-free and vegan. 



It’s Odorless

As much as I love the smell of coconut scents and its taste in foods, coconut wax is white and odorless. Remember, coconut wax is made from high melt-point coconut oil. I know not everyone is a coconut scent fan, so its odorless properties is perfect when making various scented candles.


Longer and Slower Burn

Coconut wax burns slowly and lasts longer than other wax. It is known to burn about 10 to 15% longer for the same volume. Wow! See why we love coconuts. Yes, it’s more expensive than other waxes, but it is worth it. Don’t we deserve the best! We advise trimming the wick between the burns.  This helps keep the flame the appropriate size for safety, and the longest possible burn time.


Phenomenal Scent Throw

Coconut wax can hold a lot of scent in its wax, as much as 12% fragrance oil. For cold throws, first impressions last. When you remove the lid to our candles, it will immediately transport you to your paradise. What about the hot throw? When you light our candles, you will then enter a journey of the top, middle, and base notes, taking you through a paradise filled with peace, renewal, and hope—the healthiest way! 


Fun fact about coconuts

Coconuts can live for about 80 to 120 years, but they don’t start producing coconuts until they are about four.


I can't tell you how much I love coconut wax. Maybe I should just show you. 



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