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Shipping is $4.99 in the U.S., with the exception of our merch collection, which is calculated at checkout.
Shipping is $4.99 in the U.S., with the exception of our merch collection, which is calculated at checkout.


Candle Care and Love

Candle Care and Love

Chaconia Candles are made with love! We want you to have the best experience from the first burn to the last. We also want you to maximize your spend and have a longer-lasting candle that you can thoroughly enjoy.


Here are some quick tips:


Avoid Tunneling

First impressions last! That goes for candles too. Candle care is essential for the best candle experience, long and clean burns. When your Chaconia Candle arrives, burn until the wax melts to the edges of the candle jar. If the wax does not melt from edge to edge of the jar, it can create a tunnel. Tunneling occurs when a candle wick consumes too much fuel, a combination of wax and fragrance, too quickly. Slow is best in this instance. If tunneling occurs, it creates a narrow melt pool in the middle of the jar, leaving a large amount of wax on the sides of the jar. Be kind to your first burn. Allow the wax to melt and touch the edges of the jar.



Trim Wick

Before creating Chaconia Candles, I did a lot of research on wicks. We chose a natural fiber braided candle wick with a flat design to ensure the best heat throw, clean-burn, and perfect melt pool in our coconut wax blend. To care for your wick, it’s important to keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch between every burn. Before you light, trim it! I use a wick trimmer which is about $9.99 in retail, but you can simply use scissors at home.




Talking about trimming, in between long burns, you may notice a little mushroom head at the top of your wick. Instead of using your fingers to remove the mushroom part off your wick, please trim the wick. Trust me! I learned the hard way. When I used my fingers, little black pieces of the burned off part of the wick fell onto the wax. The wax doesn’t look as clean and it’s challenging to wipe it all off. Also, if you use your fingers, you can accidentally break the wick off too close to the wax making it impossible to relight your wick. Just use scissors or wick trimmer for the best experience.



Caring for your candle means that you can be transported through your paradise for more hours.

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