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Shipping is $4.99. For wholesale and custom orders, please reach out to info@chaconiacandles.com.
Shipping is $4.99. For wholesale and custom orders, please reach out to info@chaconiacandles.com.


Our Candles and Home Fragrances Are:

Our goal is for Chaconia Candles® to transport you through a paradise filled with peace, renewal, and hope—the healthiest way!

Embedding Sustainability

Embedding Sustainability

We are a registered member of the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry. We continue to embed sustainability into all that we do. This is a journey, but we have already made strides in recycling, repurposing, reusing, and refusing.

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Skin Care

Hand and Body Lotion

Hand and Body Lotion

Our skin is our beautiful sanctuary, and we must cherish it. Our hand and body lotion is light and creamy, made with high-quality, nontoxic ingredients that nourishes your skin. No clammy feeling here! It's blended with coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, and aloe vera, and like all our products is sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and cruelty-free.

Upcoming Spring Markets in NJ

There's nothing like smelling our candles and home fragrances in person. The best part is you can smell as many as you like (yes, we bring the coffee beans to reset your nose). Come experience them and be transported through a paradise of luxurious scents.

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Don't take our word for it!

I love candles and purchased an Island Bliss scent candle recently at a pop up market. It was hard to decide which one to choose since they all smelled so beautiful. It is my favorite candle and I look forward to purchasing more. The scent reminds me of laying on a sunny Caribbean beach! I work from home and have this candle burning every day!


I love the candles so much that I wanted to give the lotions a try. They did not disappoint! I have the orange pomander and spa day. They are both luxurious lotions with great scents. My hands feel smooth, pampered and are not greasy at all. The glass bottle and pump are also high quality.


Fruitful memories filled the whole room with a sweet and subtle punch that you would want to burn all day. Great candle to bring in the spring and summer feel you want your room to have and can wake you up.


Oud So Good is one of my favorite scents... period. I'm not sure if there's such a thing as 'masculine' candles, but personally I don't like extra high, extra sweet smelling scents, and this candle is anything but that. It has a deep spice and strong musky scent, but without being overpowering, and without being over 'masculine'.


This candle literally transports me to a calm state of mind every day. My morning begins with stretching, giving thanks, and lighting my candle. I really love that it is completely nontoxic too. This is my favorite scent so far!!!


This candle really transforms the ambiance of our living room. It has a truly refreshing and unique scent, very comforting and light. You really notice the high quality from its nice clean burn and the scent lingers for hours!!